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Yesnet Digital e-Learning Platform

It's a part time or it is a free time learning and earning process by using your valuable free time at home through your smart phone only It is a very easy process and you can learn this process on your own mother tongue Company Mainly provide digital marketing skills and certificates and you may earn some extra money from our organization by Selling some services or goods.

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Why choose Yesnet Digital e-Learning Platform ?

The main objective of this set up is how to use online social media in our society and how to generate revenue through online without wasting valuable time from online social media. However Many in our society have the talent to prove their worth by working on a specific post but they don't have the scope to present their work in front of everyone. Who will get the opportunity to show and with that our organization will support him/her a lot

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is yesnet digital E-learning platform?
Yesnet Digital E-learning Platform is a platform where you will be able to enhance your performance through learning As you show your talents on Facebook, Instagram and tiktok etc like that you could able to show your talents in Yesnet Digital E-learning Platform as it is a digital marketing platform where you can learn. Besides learning you will be able to improve your work ability or performance.
Do we need to pay any admission fee to join this company ?
Our company provides a 90days training program , for which our company asks for a meagre sum of money as an admission/ course fee which is a compulsory price that one must pay to earn the golden chance to both learn and earn from our company.
Can we do this from the comfort of our home ( work from home ) ?
Absolutely, you can easily do this work from the comfort of you home.
What kind of documents and gadgets do we need to do this work ?
There's not much requirements you will need for doing this work, you just need an electronic device like a mobile or a laptop, a steady internet connection and you must fall under our company's working age criteria.
Is this a part-time or a full-time Work ?
At the beginning, when you are joining and starting to work for our company, you will be working as a part-timer ; but if you show us your dedication and you are willing to do that hardwork for our company, we as a company will surely identify and acknowledge your skills and desire; thus we can promote you as a full-timer in our company with all the benefits according to your individual merits.
The company does not provide any kinds of jobs .The company mainly provides online marketing skills The company supports your extra earning But it is not a long-term commitment